For dream

What is your dream?  

Be an outdoorsman with millions of followers?  

Become a successful businessman?  

Own a cute fancy store?  Be a super dad?  

What about ZLINS 'dreams?  

Our dream is simple.We hope we can

be your sports bottle when climbing; 

be your office mug on the conference table when you work;

be a travel cup when you drive;

be best seller on the shelves in your store;

be a healthy bottle choice for children which meet the safety requirements from parents …

In a word,

We hope ZLINS will help you on your way to fulfilling your dreams and be with you every day in your life. 

ZLINS With 3D printing

    We have been engaged in insulated bottle for decades with rich experience.  We have a team of excellent product designers and appearance designers.

    We were surprised by its beauty when we accidentally know the 3D technology,which was unprecedented.  We want it to be known to the world for the perfect combination of intelligence and technology.  

    We customized the 3D machine part from Germany for better trial. After hundreds of experiments, we perfectly displayed the 3D patterns on the surface.     

    We printed the designers' manuscripts。Found that each printing is three-dimensional and make uneven touch feeling, as a "living painting."  We are very proud that we got this technology.  We hope that the 3D printing bottle is not only a drinking tool, but also a beauty artist you can hold in your hand, become art gift for yourself, and a great gift to your friends.       

    We pay attention to the product quality,which are dishwasher safe and BPA free.  We hope that you will like it and feel our sincerity when each product is delivered to you.

    In order to fulfill our mission, we have expanded our product range and there are many more exciting products are in developing! 

About life

    ZLINS wanted to be a artist insulation cool bottle, when you're busy at work, when you're having a hard time in life...  We hope that the constant cold ice water can wake you up and refresh your spirits,which can replace us to encourage and support you.  

   We want ZLINS to be a brand that all people loved.In every scene, be with you through every wonderful day: great trip,sports exercise,hard work,friends reunion,kids time...  

About servicre

    We would like to listen to each customers, respond to your messages in time, solve  your complain,ensure that our customers can have the best ZLINS™ experience.