Although I live a busy life, I think that every time I go to the house, I can complete the housework with my partner, make a wild drink together, tell each other about the locks, talk and laugh and relax, it is already a very happy thing . With the buried new color mountain series thermos cup, the house and enterprise of the same partner can be dressed as a couple, and the sweet is bursting.



If you want your child to drink water, the most important thing is to have a water bottle that suits you. If the children are just learning to drink water, they can choose the Climbing Child Straw Cup, which is equipped with a handle design, which makes it easy for the children to grasp; when the children are older, they can use the straw thermos. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. When children drink a water bottle of their choice, they will naturally drink more water.



During this period, everyone has worked hard, and everyone must maintain good health! During the anti-epidemic period, housing companies should exercise, get enough sleep, and always remind themselves to hydrate. In addition to replenishing water, I like the color of the thermos bottle, and the green avocado is enough to heal. I want to drink more water when I look at the canal~




Frozen again this week, the weather is freezing, and the house and enterprises are doing wild, thermal insulation products can keep you warm in the warm hat!

You can use a thermos cup for hot drinks, a thermos bottle for roasted flower tea, a hot soup for lunch, or a food can. You can enjoy both warm and hot drinks with cooking at any time!